Lexicon adds files

I notice that after the same “full” sync on 3 different HDs, I notice 1:
none takes the same space from 677gb to 837gb
but even more worrying, he modifies me and adds tracks to my playlists

Not sure I understand, can you clarify with screenshots?

the list as it should be

the list as it is after the lexicon full sync

not counting all the deleted tracks, and the tracks with the beatgrid moved!
a lexicon catastrophe!

¨three full sync on three different hard drives…

Do you have the same problem in other playlists? For example, the Coyu playlist?

almost all

Can you try deleting (or renaming) your Engine database? This folder: Music/Engine Library/Database2
Then start Engine once so it creates an empty database. Then Full Sync again, I think results will be better then.

or randomly delete one here, one there
even though they have not changed place in my PC.
I have to manually drag them back into lexicon
and, by some miracle, the hotcue and everything else (bpm key) appears without doing any analysis

Yeah Full Syncs to Engine DJ are a disaster for me too. Especially for larger libraries; random tracks get removed, random playlist folders are reorganized after syncing, when I drag and drop to fix things there’s no way to keep the original play order.

Good thing I have duplicates of my Engine database. I simply can’t trust the Lexicon sync process with my “money maker; Engine DJ”.

Hopefully, they’ll figure it out. I really want to like this app.

@jjoemalone Can you make a bug report about that? Would love to fix that, just need as much information as I can get. Especially important to know if you have this problem with an empty Engine library, because if so it will be easier for me to reproduce the problem.

Thank you, Christiaan, for reaching out.

I have a HUGE Engine DJ library (93K+ tracks inside several playlists) that I purchased Lexicon Pro to help me consolidate and clean up. To answer your question, I have not tried doing anything with an empty Engine Library. Primarily because when I “Full Sync” my current Engine Library, my issue occurs in Lexicon; playlists are resorted, tracks are missing from the playlists, etc. I am extremely detail-oriented, so I have my playlists sorted and compiled in a certain order. Now I desperately need Lexicon to work out for me to clean up all of the unneeded excess.

I started with the “Find Duplicates” Lexicon option, which was painful for me having so many tracks; some broken, some missing, some with cues, etc. It took me 2 days to get through the process of manually checking more than 32K duplicates. I got through that process only to notice that Lexicon also did not replace the tracks I did not archive inside all of the playlists; those archived tracks were removed and not replaced with my chosen track. So I want Lexicon to work as advertised, but I’m now afraid to trust it because the initial features appear to be glitchy.

I also use MusicBee as a backup Playlist Manager because Engine DJ desktop for Windows is extremely limited. MusicBee, although it’s a great free tool, also has less automation compared to Lexicon. Lexicon’s offers could be far superior if these issues can be resolved.

I hope you can provide some guidance to help me navigate these challenges. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Lexicon should definitely replace the “bad” duplicates with the right duplicate that you choose. Did you check the playlists in Lexicon? Lexicon is the first place it should all happen and once that looks good, then you can do a full sync.
If the Engine sync is not working properly then maybe that is the problem, but check if your playlists are accurate in Lexicon first so you can confirm the duplicate scanner works normally.

Lexicon is were the issues are. So yes Lexicon is where I looked/noticed the issue. As you suggested I also opened a “Bug Report” (see my notes below):

Lexicon version: 1.6.16
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:

  1. Playlists Resorted: When performing a “Full Sync” with my current Engine DJ library, playlists are automatically resorted.
  2. Tracks Missing: Tracks go missing from playlists after syncing.
  3. Find Duplicates Issues: The “Find Duplicates” option is problematic, especially with a large library (over 32K duplicates), as it fails to replace non-archived tracks correctly in playlists.
  4. Archived Tracks Not Replaced: After archiving tracks, the non-archived tracks do not replace the archived ones in playlists, leading to gaps.

Step by step to reproduce:

Playlists Resorted:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Perform a “Full Sync” with an existing Engine DJ library containing multiple playlists.
  3. Observe that the playlists are automatically resorted.

Tracks Missing:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Perform a “Full Sync” with an existing Engine DJ library.
  3. Check the playlists and note that some tracks are missing.

Find Duplicates Issues:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Select the “Find Duplicates” option.
  3. Manually review and process more than 32K duplicates.
  4. Observe that it takes an extended time to complete.
  5. After processing, note that non-archived tracks are not correctly replaced in playlists.

Archived Tracks Not Replaced:

  1. Open Lexicon DJ.
  2. Use the “Find Duplicates” feature.
  3. Archive certain tracks.
  4. Check the playlists to see if non-archived tracks have replaced the archived ones.
  5. Observe that archived tracks are removed but not replaced, leading to missing tracks in playlists.

Screenshot 2024-07-10 110651
Screenshot 2024-07-10 110756

*Full Sync = meaning Full Engine DJ Import (into Lexicon).

Okay, just to avoid confusion; sync means to export from Lexicon to a DJ app.
From DJ app to Lexicon is importing.

Do you have all your music on the J: drive or other drives too?

It will be easiest if I use your Engine database to test here. Can you send those over? It’s these files:

  1. Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db
  2. For each external drive: Engine Library/Database2/m.db

If you can name them what drive they came from and then upload here: http://upload.lexicondj.com

I’ll rename the other topic so we can focus on the duplicates there. Focus on the imported playlists here

Sounds good. My bad for the confusion. Uploading my database now. Thanks again Christiaan for looking into this.

BTW, my music is all on my J:\ drive all in the same location.

Can you also send your Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db file from the internal drive?