Lexicon not properly syncing to Engine

I have a few crates that are not properly mirroring from lexicon to engine. One crate that I am focusing on has a lot more tacks in it then what it is supposed to. I am on the latest version of both engine and lexicon.

Is this the same bug? Inaccurate Engine DJ Playlist

Might be but I didnt notice it until updating to engine 3.2.0. I’ll check my packed thumb drive and see if it looks the same. I havent updated that yet.

I can confirm that this issue happened after updating to Engine 3.2. so this might be different from the other post. Everything was working great last week when I was on Desktop version 3.1.1

Can you upload your Engine database? It’s the Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db file. And make screenshots of how the playlist looks in your Engine and in your Lexicon, so I know what to look for.

You can upload directly to me with this link: http://upload.lexicondj.com

Hey, Christiaan.

Went to update databases and screen shot everything it it seems to be working fine. Idk what the issue might have been.

Thank you, though.

Okay, weird, but let’s keep an eye on it!