LXC Beatgrids Matching In Serato But Not RekordBox

I was testing a few songs out in a synced playlist from LXC to Serato & RekordBox and noticed that from LXC to Serato, the beatgrids usually match. I ran the beatshift correction before syncing to both and when I sync from LXC to Rekordbox 6 (tried the Rekordbox 6 Beta option and XML), the beatgrids and cue points are usually off. It’s very frustrating since I’ve been manually editing the grids in LXC just to find them off in just Rekordbox. Keep in mind I also have all the auto analysis options disabled in Rekordbox so it doesn’t change anything. Is there anyway to fix or work around this? Also, I feel like it would really be helpful to have an option for the LXC waveform to be viewed in more colors like the Serato and Rekordbox ones above instead of just green and blue. It’s a lot easier to know and see exactly where I need to be on the other waveforms.

This does look like the classic beatshift problem. You’ve done the scan and ran the Sync after that?

The scan catches about 95% of the tracks that are affected by this problem, maybe these tracks are not caught by it. Are all the affected tracks from a specific shop/website? If they have something in common, then it might be possible to expand the beatshift scanner to make sure it finds these too.

Correct, I did the scan and ran sync after. When I try to rescan it just says no beatshift corrections were needed. Is there any way to rescan files? And my songs are from everywhere record pools & hypeddit

Rescan is not needed. If it says that no corrections were needed then all your tracks are scanned.

You can upload a few tracks and I can test them for you. If there are alot of tracks with the beatshift then maybe there is something wrong in the workflow. I can confirm that with the files.

You can upload with this link, just send a couple of files.

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I sent them over. Do you think me using the latest version of RekordBox 6 has anything to do with it? Should I be using that RekordBox 5 version before the bug regardless of if I use XML or not?

Sorry, this fell through. Can you upload them again? I’ll still take a look at it. Happy to extend your subscription for a free extra month too because of the delay.

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I would definitely appreciate that! I just re uploaded 4 songs. I actually started prioritizing & beatgridding all my tracks in Rekordbox then importing to LXC & Serato so now you’ll see it’s perfect in Rekordbox but slightly off in LXC & Serato

Okay, I’ve checked it and I do see a small difference there. I’m going to create a fix for it in the next beta version, hopefully later this week if all goes well. Keep an eye on the #beta channel on Discord to try it out.

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I have exactly the same problem. I sync Serato, LXC and Rekordbox.
For me, all grids and cue points are slightly shifted, just like the previous speaker.
Is there a fix now?
Do I now have to re-grid the entire library and reset all cue points, or does the fix correct this?
Where can I download the beta version?

Luckily I was able to save my library with the backup function in LXC - the beat grids and cue points work again.

Can you tell me when this problem will be fixed.
It seems to be a synchronization problem with Serato-LXC-Rekordbox.
Until the fix, I will no longer synchronize Serato and Rekordbox.

I have now made a first export with the correct grids and cue points to Serato, Traktor, EngineDJ, Virtual DJ and Rekordbox. The grids and cue points are correct everywhere - only in Rekordbox there is a slight offset.
That would mean if I now synchronize from Rekordbox back to LXC and then back to Serato, the shifted grids and cues would of course also be adopted there.
I hope the information is helpful.

Have you tried the beta version? There is a very minor beatshift fix in there, it would be good to know if that is the problem you’re having.

Otherwise, I’d be happy to test some of your files and see if I can recreate it here.

It’s super frustrating. I was trying to go from Serato to RekordBox like 2 months ago and all my beatgrids and cue points (3,600+ songs) shifted. Learnt my lesson and started backing up and redid every single song over in RekordBox and have been experimenting with some trial and error tests. This worked for me in Beta 14 but not Version 1.1.26 & Beta 15.

  1. Turn off auto analysis and edit grids & cue points in RekordBox then lock after each > Backup Library > Backup/export to XML as well

  2. Lexicon > Right click any song > Analyze > Uncheck BPM & Beatgrid > Check Do Not Overwrite Anything then CLICK CANCEL (Don’t actually Analyze)
    Sync > Full Import RekordBox 6 first to keep RB smartlists > Uncheck Merge & choose to import Only Hot Cues

  3. Full Import RekordBox 5 > Merge RB 5 XML & choose to import Only Hot Cues

  4. Sync to RekordBox (Even though the beatgrids and cues look off in LXC, everything remained perfectly in tact including memory cues that weren’t sent to LXC).
    Backup RB library and XML

  5. Backup LXC > BeatShift Correction > Serato > Restore LXC to get rid of BeatShift Correction. (BeatShift fixed my offset Serato tracks from what I saw but would then offset my RekordBox grids and cues so I don’t run it before syncing back to RekordBox)

  6. I’d do everything except beatgrid and cues in LXC. The beatgrid will look off for most songs in LXC but ignore this. After syncing LXC to RekordBox, RB didn’t change so save library & XML then backup LXC last. Then merge full RekordBox 6 import on sync from here on out. SAVE MULTIPLE BACKUPS JUST IN CASE. Tested this back and forth so many times then it only stopped working once I updated to beta 15 & Version 1.1.26

Are you sure beta 14 works but 15 doesn’t?

Beta 15 has a tiny beatshift added (10ms on import) that beta 14 doesn’t have. But 1.1.26 also doesn’t have that so it’s weird that beta 14 is the only working version for you.

You can still download beta 14 to confirm that: Windows and Mac

Hey Christiaan,
which beta version should I use for my problem which is similar?
Can you please send me the link to it?
Thank you

The offset is immediately visible to me after the export to Rekordbox.
And only in Rekordbox - in all other programs everything is OK.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-17 um 11.11.30

Currently in Beta 14 if I do a full import from RB without merging to LXC then sync back to RB without changing anything, everything stays put. In Beta 15 if I do the same exact thing, everything in RB shifts

Ok then I prefer to wait for a final fix.
For my workflow I need to sync Serato-Rekordbox back and forth with the merge option. I would like to edit grid and cue’s alternately in both programs and keep everything in sync via LXC.

Okay, thanks for testing that. Going to check that here tomorrow.

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Next beta version will have a fix for the beatshift problem, please let me know if that fixes your problem! :slight_smile: