My Tag Sync with Rekordbox results in missing category on XDJ with USB Flash

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Lexicon version: Version 1.4.0
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:
Identical to what is being describe in this thread: My Tag Sync with Rekordbox results in missing category on CDJ / XDJ with USB Flash

“Genre” category for My Tags appears in rekordbox, but does not show on XDJ RX2 after exporting to USB

Rekordbox version 6.7.0

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. Export from Lexicon to Rekordbox
  2. Sync Rekordbox to USB
  3. Attempt to access tag list on RX2


Also uploading logs through the app now!

Not really sure where this problem lies. MyTags are sent to RB and they work there but for some reason they don’t work on the XDJ. I don’t think that is caused by Lexicon.

You can try re-arranging the tag categories in Lexicon just to see if Genre is the problem or just the 4th category. I suspect it is the latter.

I don’t have an XDJ to test this on myself :confused:

Hello all, I too am experiencing this issue and do not know how to resolve it. Any advice ?

No updates from me. I’m still experiencing the issue. I tried reformatting my USB and resyncing it from Rekordbox, but it didn’t help anything. I also tried editing tag names and category names, but saw no changes. don’t think it’s a Rekordbox issue because it never popped up until I synced from lexicon recently.

Really a bummer because I use tabs heavily when I dj & my workflow is pretty reliant on them. Frustrating to spend a bunch of time editing tags and then not being able to make use of them in the way I need. Definitely hoping @Christiaan can figure out what’s going on here.

@quantreau have you tried creating a new category in Lexicon (with a new unique name not used before just to be sure), moving all of the Genre tags to that new category, and deleting the old category? Tedious but it may clear out whatever issue there is with the category data itself…

Is there a way to un-do the lexicon sync and fix this issue ? This is a huge problem for anyone trying to dj and use the full function of the cdj/Xdj as intended.

Or is it at all possible to select which three tag groups will show up ? I can get by with three for the time being while a solution is created. Thanks.

You can try putting all your tags into 3 categories in Lexicon and delete the other categories. Then Sync and Lexicon should create an empty unused category in RB. But I don’t know what causes the XDJ to ignore one of them or which one. Might be the last category

Update: I manually dragged my 4th tag group to the top of the tag lists on rekordbox, synced my USB, and now the tags are showing up on my cdj/Xdj. The order is not the same as in rekordbox but all 4 category’s now appear and all my tags are there. Hopefully this helps as the dev team finds a solution to avoid this issue again. Have not tried syncing back to lexicon yet.

SO glad to see you found a solution. I’ll give that a go and report back if it fixes it for me, too.

I did a lot of digging around to see if others were having the issue, but the only references to the problem I could finder were from Lexicon users.

Good find! I’ll see if I can figure out what difference that made in the database

Found something that might be it, can’t test it because I don’t have an XDJ but this change will be in the next beta version.

If you want to test this fix, let me know and I can make a special build

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