My Tag Sync with Rekordbox results in missing category on CDJ / XDJ with USB Flash

Lexicon version: v1.3.4
Operating system: Mac

Bug description: When you sync My Tags in Rekordbox so that they match LxC’s standard categories when exporting to USB flash drive, there will be one My Tag category missing when using track filter on CDJ (in this case the first “Genre” My tag), even though it’s visible and functional on Rekordbox software along with Mood, Timing, and Mix.

Spent several hours troubleshooting with various flash drives (reformatted, etc,), CDJs / XDJs, and ended up doing a clean uninstall and reinstall of latest version of Rekordbox. Once I did that, I was prompted to sync my tags, which I clicked no to see if this was the issue and then loaded my tracks onto USB flash. No issues, had all four standard Rekordbox My Tag categories displayed on XDJs and CDJs.

Went ahead and hit sync the second time around, and while they are synced on the software, once you export to a USB flash drive, the only track filter options that will be available are Mood, Timing, and Mix—the last category will be blank and you cannot click on it from the XDJ / CDJ.

Not sure what else to do at this point, don’t think there is any way of unsyncing the tags short of doing a clean uninstall of RB6—any insights would be truly helpful as that fourth my tag category is vital when DJ’ing in standalone. For the record, the 3 existing tags that do show, function perfectly fine (renaming, adding tags, etc.).

Any help / recommendations would be truly appreciated!

Update 1

Tried adding 5th My Tag category and still only shows 3 options, software just replaced Mix with Lexicon Tags…doesn’t look like there will be an easy fix on the user end apart from merging them all, but if I’m wrong, please let me know!

Update 2
After messing around with My Tags in LxC, oddly enough the order which these categories are presented in CDJ / XDJ can be manipulated by editing the name of the category in LxC and then syncing to RB6. Let’s say you are going to edit the name of all categories, the first one you edit will now be displayed as first on CDJ / XDJ, the second will be second, and so on.

So moving the order of the categories will have no effect, but renaming them will have an effect on the order in which they’re presented on CDJ / XDJ. I was able to get Genre, Mood, and Timing to show in that order by editing each, with the last My Tag still empty and unclickable. This is a work around for now, not sure what happens if I add tags to each category, but this should suffice until we figure out a permanent solution.


Just circling back—still have the same issues across all standalone pioneer hardware. Anyone encounter the same?

Sorry for the late response.

What do your MyTags categories look like in Rekordbox? Do you have 3 or 4 categories there?
Rekordbox needs exactly 4 categories, so if it’s any different it will act weird.

Also see Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management at the bottom

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Hey Christiaan, thanks for getting back—basically, rekordbox mirrors what I have in LxC, just four categories, it’s not until it’s exported to USB that one category is excluded.

If My Tags aren’t synced, the standard Rekordbox categories are exported correctly to USB. It’s once you sync tags from LxC to rekordbox that once category is excluded once exported to USB.

Hope that was a bit more clear—I’ve tried various workarounds, but no luck.

Okay so the last category is excluded for some reason?

Can you upload your Rekordbox database? You can find the file here: Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support

You can upload directly to me with this link:

Not sure I can test it here, will try so next week. I don’t have an XDJ but will try with the USB.

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At first it was, the first category—but then after messing around some more, I figured out that if you edit the name of a tag category before syncing, that one will be displayed first on the USB. So if you edit a second one, that one will be displayed second and so on…this will let you choose which three get displayed, with the untouched tag category missing.

Uploaded the file, thanks so much @Christiaan !

Thanks, will check next week and report back!

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I tried your database here, in Rekordbox it all works and looks good. I don’t have an XDJ here so I can’t really test it further.

I know there is a limit of 4 MyTag categories but you are on 4 so that’s not the problem. There is a limit of 128 MyTags as well but you haven’t reached that either.

I’m sure there is a reason why it’s doing this on the XDJ but I really don’t know right now. You could experiment and start deleting MyTags and see if it helps on the XDJ (backup first of course). Maybe one of your MyTags is acting up, could be anything really, RB is a bit of a mystery.

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Thanks for this Christiaan—not sure what could be causing the issue, already did clean reinstall of RB and it happens as soon as it asks to sync my tags…

Will mess around some more and hopefully some good news apart from what I already outlined as temporary workarounds.

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