My tags changed after importing from Lexicon to RBDJ

I am on the latest version of Lexicon
Mac 12.1 Montery

After importing from Lexicon to RBDJ 6 the mytags categories are changed. I did not change this in lexicon all I did was a genre clean up.

This is normal due to a Rekordbox limitation, please see Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

All the way at the bottom.

To fix it, make sure you only have 4 categories in Lexicon and sync to RB again.

I did what you suggested and the categories are ok but now there is an different issue. Looks like in lexicon it has duplicate my tags that were not orginally in RBDJ. It shows up in Lexicon the after importing back to RBDJ it shows up there.

I could just delete the duplicated in Lexicon but I am worried I loss the tag info and also this looks to be a import bug.

Also on a different note. after exporting to RBDJ it seems something has happened to the beat grid as sync seems to be irractic and does not work constantly .

Probably goes away after I restore from back up. .

Alright that is definitely weird.
Can you send me your Rekordbox database? You can find it here: Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support and upload with this link.

And also upload your Lexicon database, from the Help menu?

Can you make a video of the sync problem? Haven’t heard of that before yet

Looks like there was a sneaky space at the end of =Chill Remix and the others that are duplicated. Remove that space in RB and import again and it should not be duplicated anymore.

Next update of Lexicon will also handle that better :slight_smile:

Not sure about that sync issue yet! Would love to see a video of it, will really help me there.

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