No Engine DJ database found

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.5.6
Operating system: Windows 10 22h2 OS Build 19045.3448

Bug description: “X No Engine DJ database found”

Step by step to reproduce: Installed Lexicon, imported rekordbox.xml, tried to sync to my Engine DJ (v. 3.2.0) software, but lexicon says “No Engine DJ database found”


Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. I’ll take a closer look

uploaded, added the thread url in the comments while uploading.

I don’t see anything wrong. Can you try choosing any other DJ app there and then back to Engine? That forces it to re-check

You mean to choose a different “Sync to” source? I have tried that several times, it has no affect.

And you have Engine installed and started it once right?

Can you check if this file exists? Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db

Yes, have also imported rekordbox.xml to engine, which is why I turned to lexicon, as I’m not happy with how the conversion handles my memory cue.

m.db is in C:\Users%username%\Music\Engine Library\Database2
I realized that my username has Scandinavian characters as in “Ä”, could it be that lexicon is not recognizing this “Ä” character, and hence won´t find the path & m.db ?

Could be, those characters are known to be problematic because every DJ app and operating system handles them slightly different. I’ll run some tests tomorrow and see if I can reproduce your problem here

Try this version please: Lexicon Installer 1.5.6 engine database fix.exe - Google Drive

I made a change that I suspect was the problem, but I can’t really test it here properly. So let me know if this works please

Hi, sorry for delay on testing and response. This version did not fix and actually caused “Rekordbox 6 direct” to not be available as well, similarly as Engine DJ sync.

Try this version please, has another small fix in it that I noticed, probably the same problem you are having now

Got this error:

Apologies, try this one please: Lexicon Installer 1.5.6 engine database fix 3.exe - Google Drive

Thanks, now it launches but same situations as with earlier fix, both “Rekordbox direct 6” and “Engine DJ” sync not finding database.

Rekordbox 6 direct works with the the 1.5.5 & 1.5.6 regular installers

Can you upload your Lexicon database & logs? From the Help menu. Should give me more info


Does normal 1.5.6 find the db? I thought the first post was that 1.5.6 did not find it

Can you run this with cmd.exe ?

powershell -command "echo $HOME"

Make a screenshot please, copy paste breaks the characters

Sorry for confusing the original issue, the normal versions 1.5.5/1.5.6 or fix versions that I have so far does not find the “Engine DB”.
What I was trying to highlight was, that the fix versions also caused “Rekordbox 6 Direct” to not be available, which is working with the normal versions.


I have a logging version for you, it doesn’t fix the issue but gives me more info: Lexicon Installer 1.5.6 engine database fix 4.exe - Google Drive

Can you go to the import page where it shows no database found, then upload logs? Thanks

Done & uploaded