Problem with 1.6

I can’t update lexicon 1.6
this is what he told me:

Failed to install due to error: Le déploiement du package Lexicon_1.6.0.0_x64__55wvdfbetqwwa avec l’origine du package Unknown a échoué, car aucune licence valide ou aucune stratégie de chargement indépendant n’a pu être appliquée. Il se peut qu’une licence de développeur (Getting a developer license for Windows 8 Consumer Preview | Microsoft Learn) ou une configuration de chargement indépendant d’entreprise (Sideload Apps with DISM | Microsoft Learn) soit requise.

thanks in advance


What windows do you use?

Windows 11 and same here, the installer doesn’t work.

I even uninstalled 1.5 to try and that didn’t work. Now I don’t have lexicon at all.

Please fix this ASAP!

Please try this direct download link

10 pro

doesn’t work

Can you tell me what Windows version exactly? In the Windows settings, go to System → About. It looks something like this:

Windows 10 entreprise LTSC

Can you make a screenshot? Build number and version

It still doesn’t work

Windows 11 Home 23H2.

It’s clearly not the build, it’s clearly the installer file.

Appinstaller operation failed with error code: 0x80072EFE

@leesinthemix_60197 That specific error means your internet connection was interrupted during installing. Can you try it again? If it still doesn’t work, it seems there might be something on your network blocking it

I am having the same issue also On Win 10 LTSC
Win 10 LTSC
OS Build 17763.548
I don’t even get an Error code

@mixmasterplay_37274 I’m afraid your Windows version is quite old, it has not been supported by Microsoft anymore since 2020… So you definitely have to upgrade

I successfully updated on Windows 10 Pro after my Windows reinstall this week but I did receive the same error before it working, nothing I did, just tried again.

I am getting the same error trying to update right now on my MacBook Pro 13 M2 Sonoma. Is this still a network error Christiaan?

@marca9 What error are you seeing? Can you make a screenshot?
Windows and Mac updaters are quite different

Download it manually from Download | Lexicon - DJ Library Management please

It’s being blocked so I hold shift and click and it downloads the app but it’s not an installer.

It should be a zip file. Inside you will find the file. Just move that to your Applications folder