Replace Track By (Manual Duplicate)


Would it be possible to have a function that manually replaces one track with another ?
This would be independent of the find duplication function, which performs a scan.

Indeed, sometimes I add a remix, a different or better quality version of a track.
I’d like it to be replaced everywhere in serato (my set playlists, for example).

The “find duplicate” is not adapted for this case because it’s only once on demand.
At present, I do it manually via right-click “in playlist” and I replace it myself… but it takes a long time.

I imagine a function like :

  • right clic “replace by”
  • box to search new track
  • chosse if only in this crate or every crates
  • chosse if delete replaced track or not

Would this make sense ?


You could add those tracks to a playlist and then run the duplicate scan only on that playlist

I hadn’t thought of this solution.
However, lexicon doesn’t find any duplicates on my crate with the duplicate scan. (tried None to High positives)
I’ve sent you a detailed video screen shot on MASV upload

You might have more luck with the Lexicon beta: Download (BETA) | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

It should be better at multiple artists like you have. And I don’t think it would pick up your 2nd track even on tolerance High because it has the full artist inside the title.

it’s no better with beta, I’m going to continue manually

I second this, I always want to replace tracks (Manually and carefully ) into their respective playlists without using the find dups function.