Serato Cue import/export problem

Lexicon version: 1.5.4
Operating system (remove one): Tested on Windows and Mac

Bug description:
I’ve noticed that many of my files have had abnormal cues over the last few weeks (more than 300).
This has been the case since I started using lexicon. (I restored by timemachine to confirm this)

They no longer have the cues customised by myself.
I’ve done several tests and I’ve come to the same conclusion as this topic

The problem is that one of my djpools sends the files analysed with Mixed In Key. So there’s this residual tag cues in them, already replaced in past by serato cues…

I’ve reproduced what is said in the topic by cleaning up the tags etc. It works, but it’s annoying to do it for every mp3 I download from this pool, and futures downloads.

Would it be possible to add an option to choose which master tags to use in Lexicon (Serato or Mixed in Key). Or an option to clean to force overwriting.
I don’t know how complex it is for you? But if other djpools start sending mixed in key tags in mp3, I think a lot of dj will have the same problem.

Step by step to reproduce:

  1. My old track with my customs cues

  2. Import sync with lexicon

  3. I don’t touch it in lexicon

  4. Sync to Serato

  5. Tags are replaced by mixed in keys residuals infos

Parameters :

I have uploaded my database and the mp3 before/after sync.

I can’t reproduce it with your steps. I only see the cues set in Serato at all times.

Only if I drag a track into Lexicon, the MIK cues will appear. Is that what you did in step 2? That’s the only way I can explain it now

Never mind, I tried it with my own tracks and wasn’t able to reproduce but with your track I am seeing the same thing

Problem is that the Serato cues and MIK are the same so it appears the MIK cues are being loaded, but that’s not the case.
Serato shows only 3 cues but in the file, but the old ones are still all there. Lexicon reads the old (deleted) cues as well, and I don’t know the reason why they are not showing up in Serato. So that’s where it’s stuck at now. Deleting ID3 tags entirely from the tracks may help here

Yes, like you it took me a while to see that it came from certain tracks only.
And by deduction I see that it is focused on MIK residual.
This is embarrassing because for at least 1 year this dj pool (#1 in france) has been posting tracks like this !

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