Very Wrong Hot Cues when importing from Serato

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.2.3
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
When importing from Serato DJ Hot Cues on some songs will be completely different than in Serato DJ.

Step by step to reproduce:

  • Put Hot Cues on song in Serato Dj
  • Do Full import in Lexicon DJ
  • Check Hot Cues in Lexicon DJ


Can you upload that music file? I’ll test it here

You can upload directly to me with this link:

Looks like imported Cue’s from Mixed in key software- disable export to Serato

I have uploaded the file.
It indeed looks like cue points from Mixed in key.
However, I do not use that product anymore and those hot cues were present when I downloaded the track, I did not set them myself.
It is also a wav file, are hot cues also stored in the file itself with wav files?

Looks like Serato is saving cue points to these wav files differently than normal. Or maybe it does that to all wav files now, maybe there was a change in Serato. That needs more investigation.

For now I would recommend not using WAV files (or try a few others, maybe it’s not all wav files).

I checked some other wav files. Most of them are synced correctly. I think it has to do with the Mixed in Key Hotcues. Maybe Serato saves hot cues differently when it encounters hot cues from Mixed in Key.
Does anyone know how I can delete the Mixed in Key hot cues from the file? I can check if that fixes the import of Serato Hot Cues.

Is it useful for you if i report other broken files or filetypes that I encounter this issue with?

After deleting all tags using the kid3 tag editor and re-analyzing and replacing all my cue points in Serato the track gets imported correctly. It seems that Serato does not delete the Mixed In Key cue points when adding Serato Cue points and Lexicon also gives preference to the Mixed In Key cue points when importing.

Hope this information is usefull.
I can upload the cleaned up file as well if you want.

Thanks for the info, that’s similar to what I was seeing here. Serato acting up a bit, unclear why it was preferring the “old” GEOB data in those files.

I think deleting all tags and starting fresh like you did is the best solution here too.

Exciting topic - I have a basic question:
Are cue points only stored in the software used, or in the tag for mp3 too?

Serato stores cues in the mp3s. All other DJ apps store it in a database file. Traktor does both but Lexicon only uses the Traktor database.

Can you tell me how to make the Serato Cue’s visible in the mp3 tag?
The software mp3 tag doesn’t show me anything even in the extended display…

Kid3 will show the GEOB tag but it is encoded data that you can’t do with much like that

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Does Lexicon write its cue information in the MP3 tag?

Does Serato also store beat grid information in the MP3 tag?

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