Serato Custom Crates broken after sync

Lexicon version: 1.1.24
Operating system: Windows 11

Bug description:


I just noticed a bug on custom crates and serato dj.
I can’t find a similar topic in the forum.

I am using custom crate in serato dj, I am showing different columns per crate, sometimes with a different sorting.

When I sync lexicon to serato most of my custom columns are broken.
Only song and artist with minimal width are left.
I have the case for half of my crates. (not all…)

I had to do a restore of my full backup.

Windows 11 + Serato DJ 2.5.12 + Lexicon 1.1.24

Step by step to reproduce:
Sync lexicon library to serato. Case custom crates activated in options

Custom crate before sync

Custom crate after sync

I think I’ve seen this bug before sometimes, but haven’t been able to reliably reproduce it.

Does this always happen? Can you try again with a few more crates and check them all?

If that still happens, can you send me your _Serato_ folder from the backup? So the one with the correct crates. And also mention in the upload which crates exactly are breaking, so I can check those.

You can upload here:


I make somes tests on bug.

I created a new serato library from scratch.
And created 2 crates, including 2 sub crates.
In 2 subcrates, I have duplicates files with different path.

  • Init sync, no problem

  • Sync Lexicon to serato without modification, no problem

  • Find duplicate, delete and sync : 2 sub-crates are broken

I uploaded the _serato_ before and after

Which crates are broken exactly? So I know where to look

Sorry I said “crates broken”, but it’s the columns that are broken.
I am trying to be clear but English is not my first language :innocent:

Thanks, this will be fixed in the next update :slight_smile:

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