Serato Smart crates takes default columns after sync

Lexicon version: 1.5.3
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description:
The table columns in Serato DJ are set by default after a Lexicon to Serato sync.
This takes the columns set in the top playlist default “All”
It’s a bit like the topic I created here : Serato Custom Crates broken after sync - Lexicon / Bug Reports - Lexicon (

Step by step to reproduce:

In Serato :

  1. Create a Smart Crate and insert a track by rule
  2. Modify the columns and show for exemple Song, Artist, BPM, Key
  3. Close Serato
    At this step, if we re-open Serato the column order is saved

In Lexicon :
4. Import Full Serato
5. Sync Full To Serato

In Serato
6. The customs columns are broken and set by default from All Playlist

To confirm this way :

  • if I change the column in “All” playlist in Serato
  • I Close serato and start a Sync To serato into Lexicon
  • All my crates have taken the news columns of All

This is annoying because depending on the crates I have columns that may or may not appear (Year, Genre etc…). And with each Sync I lose my parameters.

If you need more information I can provide other elements.
I also have a MAC, but I haven’t tested it yet to see if the behaviour is the same.


Is this only happening to smartcrates or also normal crates?
It should maintain custom crate order for normal crates, but maybe not yet for smartcrates.

It maintain a custom column for normal crates. I have just checked.
For me it’s only on smarts.

Okay, I will fix that in the next update

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I confirm the latest version fixes the problem.
Thanks for the quick resolution

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Thanks for letting me know that works!

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