Set preferred folder for duplicate tracks?

I have over 8,000 duplicate tracks that I’m trying to clean up with the correct audio file and the correct grid/cue/tags.

All or almost all of them look like they are from switching to a new dropbox account/folder for Rekordbox Pro with Dropbox Unlimited, after previously having stored them in a different dropbox folder.

For example:

  1. User/Dropbox/rekordbox/contents_12345_/abis/the_wall/03. abis - if u.mp3
  2. User/Dropbox (Professional DJ team)/rekordbox/contents_12345_/abis/the_wall/03. abis - if u.mp3

I tried setting the 'Dropbox (Professional DJ team) folder as the preferred folder but it says ‘No selection has changed’, even though I clearly see that it has automatically selected the track in the old dropbox folder.

Ideally I’d like to select the track in the new ‘Dropbox (Professional DJ team)’ folder as the one to keep and then use the grid/cue/tags from whichever has more as they are likely the exact same track even though they are not labeled as an audio match, but a tag match.

Am I doing something wrong here? Is it a bug?
Any help here would be greatly appreciated, since going through 8,000 tracks 1 by 1 will drive me insane!


Try right clicking one of the duplicates and set the preferred folder from that right click menu. Then remove any part at the end that isn’t shared by all duplicates.
So you’d get something like C:/User/Dropbox (Professional DJ team)/rekordbox/

When I right click one of the duplicates and click ‘Set as preferred folder’, it doesn’t seem to allow me to edit the file path without going through the select folder menu like usual in the Prefer Tracks pop-up dialog. Each time, I still get the message ‘No selections were changed’.

Can you show me a screenshot of duplicate results page and one of the Prefer popup with the right folder filled in?

I ended up copying to an external HD and then deleting the old dropbox folder ( I still had it where it was ) and restarting Lexicon to start the process over. This time only about 2.5k duplicates were found and the file locations all seemed correct (the new dropbox folder).

Once that was done I sync’d with Rekordbox 6 (BETA) and am currently waiting for the library to be analyzed (around 9k-10k tracks) in Rekordbox. At this rate it seems like it will take 2+ hours.

Is this typical? Surely each time you sync to Rekordbox it shouldn’t take this long, right? Is this just because it’s the first time it’s being done or is that how long it will take every time due to the library size?

I’m also a bit worried that because my library is now on the cloud via the Rekordbox Pro Dropbox Unlimited plan, I will run into further syncing/duplication errors and issues in the future as the library seems to be being fully replaced when syncing back to Rekordbox - but maybe I’m just confused as to how the files are being stored. I think iTunes saves a local copy and then when I drag and drop into Rekordbox it makes a copy and saves it to the cloud(?).

At least for the time being, I’d prefer to beatgrid, set cues, etc. in Rekordbox still, continue to use iTunes and mixed in key, and then just use Lexicon for syncing to Traktor or some of the other features like tagging, smart fixes, etc. to keep it clean.

Could you tell me what the typical workflow is supposed to be in this case?

Apologies for the wall of text - really struggling to figure out how to get everything working together properly.


Analyze is only needed for new tracks in Rekordbox yes. That’s the same if you would add them directly to Rekordbox.

I can’t really say how the Rekordbox cloud sync works so I really don’t know how that will work in the future. I believe how it works is that it moves the original file to Dropbox, so I don’t think it makes a copy.
Alternatively, you can also use the Lexicon Pro plan which also has unlimited cloud storage. It doesn’t move your files and doesn’t need Dropbox. It just directly uploads to the cloud, very straight forward.

Check out this blog article for the Lexicon workflow, should answer a lot of questions. But in short, it all starts with Lexicon and you do all your prep work in there, then sync to RB/Traktor/etc when you need to. Which is the easiest to understand DJ workflow in my opinion.

You can use MIK at any stage, just let it write keys to the Key field and use Reload Tags in LXC after that.

Honestly, iTunes is very bad in the workflow because it really doesn’t support anything useful for DJs. It used to make sense but Lexicon fully replaces it.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks for the quick reply!

I totally agree with iTunes being very bad. I hope to get rid of it eventually but I still use it to listen to lengthy audio files like mixes and podcasts.

Regarding analysis in Rekordbox, I have BPM / Grid unchecked under analysis settings, and only Phase checked. Now although all my previous cues and memory points are there, the beatgrid and BPM are not. When loaded up they all say 0.00 bpm and there is no grid. Am I missing something or isn’t that what the Lexicon manual says to do for syncing to Rekordbox?

EDIT: It seems many do have the bpm and grid actually, but randomly others do not. I’m not sure why those tracks don’t and others do. It’s still analyzing though, so maybe I just have to wait til it completely finishes…

EDIT 2: Analyzing has finished and it still shows maybe half the tracks I load into the player at 0.00 BPM and no grid. Any ideas why this would be? Could it be that the grid was deleted during the duplicates phase in Lexicon? Or?

Nothing should be deleted. Did you sync to RB once before the duplicate scan and then also after? Or only after the duplicate scan?

I haven’t heard of anyone having a 0 BPM problem yet so not sure where this is coming from.

I only sync’d to Rekordbox after the duplicate scan. Before then I had done a clean import from Rekordbox. The library in Rekordbox was fine before that, other than many, many duplicates.

After inspecting more closely, it also seems to have deleted any memory points that were in the same point as a cue marker in Rekordbox before. This is across all tracks I’ve tried, not just the ones that have the 0.00 BPM and no Grid issue. Even stranger is that they appear to have a grid and bpm set in Lexicon when I check.

Did I maybe have a sync setting on that would do this?
What do you suggest to remedy the problem?
Should I restore from the backup I made of the Rekordbox library before the duplicate scan and try the process again? Or is there another possible solution?

I’ll try and reproduce the problem here, that could help.
Can you upload your Lexicon database, from the Help menu? And mention a track that has the 0 BPM problem so I can find it in Rekordbox.
And can you upload that same track, so I have the MP3 file too? You can use this link to upload.

About the cues, maybe you changed the setting on the Sync page? There are multiple ways Lexicon can export cues to RB

Done! Uploaded the Lexicon database from Help menu with the track and artist(s) names in the description, as well as uploaded the track from Rekordbox to the link you provided.

Let me know if you need me to do anything else, or if I should try anything else.

Hmm no problem here after restoring your LXC database and syncing that track to RB.

The problem is that RB is showing 0 BPM in the top right corner?

The problem is the same as the screenshot above - the BPM and grid seem to be there, with my hot cues and memory points in Lexicon, but after syncing back to Rekordbox about half of them show BPM 0.00 and there is no beat grid.

I believe I followed the sync to Rekordbox instructions correctly and turned off BPM / Grid, under the ‘Track Analysis Setting’ in Rekordbox, and left the ‘Phrase’ as the only option checked.

I’ll try to sync from Lexicon to Rekordbox again and see if it persists.

Regarding the cue and memory points - how are they distinguished from each other in Lexicon?
I see my memory points as white marks along my track and my cues as colored marks, but I’m not seeing how to edit the memory points.

I use hot cues and memory points for different reasons, therefore all my hot cues tend to overlap with a memory point as well. Since syncing back to Rekordbox those memory points, and only those memory points that overlap, are gone. Should I be setting the sync option to something other than default for ‘Cue Destination’?

I just tried sync again from Lexicon to Rekordbox and realized I had previously had auto-analyze enabled, but BPM/Grid unchecked - so auto-analyze was now disabled and the only thing checked is ‘Phase’.

Now, none of the waveforms or artwork appears until I load the track into the player.

The 0.00BPM and no grid issue is also still present as well as missing memory points where hot cue points are also set. These issues are now not only affecting half the tracks, but all of them. I have randomly loaded many different tracks to the player and they are now all showing 0bpm, no grid and missing memory points, as opposed to only about half before, when auto-analyze was enabled.

I’ll attach a photo showing what settings for both sync in Lexicon and Rekordbox, as well as the problems I stated above.

And if you right click a track and tell it to analyze again?

I’d have to dig into your Rekordbox database and beatgrid files to see if I can find something weird there. If you can upload it, then I can test it here.
If you zip the rekordbox folder, you can find it here: Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support. It’s the entire folder that contains the master.db file.
You can upload with the previous link again.

I’ll test your database folder with the track you sent me earlier. Hopefully I’ll see the missing beatgrid thing too.

About the cue destination: it is explained here: Rekordbox | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Normally leaving it on default is fine.
But it might be the case that those cues that are at identical position as the hot cues are not imported, because they would be duplicates.
Let’s focus on the other issue for now because doing 2 at the same time is very confusing and I don’t think they are related. But I suspect it has to do with that they are on identical positions and they are getting dropped.

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If I right-click a track and analyze again with only ‘Phase’ selected, nothing changes. If I analyze with BPM/Grid and Phase checked, the bpm and grid now show, but the overlapping memory points are still gone.

I’ll try to upload the Rekordbox folder in a moment and report back.

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Rekordbox folder has been uploaded!

Any suggestions on where to go from here?
I’m tempted to reset back to the backups I made and try again

I’m testing your library soon. I’ll let you know if I find something. If not, then we can do a backup reset.

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