Smart playlists, beatgrids, lexicon and Engine

So this may just be the way it is… I haven’t found that editing beatgrids and cue points in lexicon works well for me.

I suppose my main issue is beatgrids, Engine doesn’t read the Lexicon beatgrids when you drop markers on tracks that are transition tracks or have a live drummer. I’ve noticed the lexicon starts the count over when a new marker is dropped which means that Engine then shortens the track and only plays up to the marker that I placed in lexicon.

This has led me to doing all my beatgrid and cue point work in Engine… which overall isn’t that bad. However I still need to be able to use Serato.

In lexicon I use a lot of smart playlists and tags which I absolutely love. The problem is that when I re-import my Engine library to copy the work I have done there, it duplicates the smart playlists as normal playlists that are just empty, which i then need to go through and delete.

My question here I suppose is are these bugs? Am I missing something obvious? Is there a better way to do my workflow?

I suspect the duplicate playlist issue is a combination of the workflow you are using, if you create a Smart Playlist in Lexicon with ‘Tags’ as the required field, it will export this as a normal playlist due to Engine not supporting the ‘Tags’ from Lexicon, then when you import back to Lexicon it will import the standard playlist alongside the existing Smart Playlist, I am not sure why it would be empty but that is one for @Christiaan

Can you explain where Engine fits into your workflow etc as you state you are using Serato? DO you use standalone Denon products as well?

Flexible beatgrids are a tough one to find a balance with as most software deals with it differently, I think you have just found another of those quirks. Have you tried exporting a track with extra beatmarkers directly to an external drive via the Engine Sync? It would be interesting to see how the export direct to a drive without the desktop app reacts in the player, does it do the same thing? It seems that the desktop software is causing lots of quirks at the moment.

@StuR You hit the nail on the head. The empty duplicate playlists seems to be a bug, I will look into that.

Flexible beatgrids are one of those things that are hard to get right, treated slightly different by DJ apps so I’m not sure Lexicon has the perfect solution/balance for that yet. I never really used flexible grids as a DJ so that was never something I could thoroughly test.