Synching from EDJ to LXN doubles my playlist (nearly)

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Lexicon version: 1.3.14
Operating system (remove one): Windows

Bug description: after I added tracks to EDJ and sync to LXN my Library nearly doubles. I had this issue before and could not solve it

Step by step to reproduce: add tracks to EDJ, sync to LXN, doubles tracks


1599 tracks, 7 of them are new


1592 in LXN before the update.

Update in LXN to newest version, then resync from EDJ


After this he doubles every track. the folder “played sets” is filled with songs without tags, means also the smart lists don´t work anymore.

I tried sync from the back up version (before update LXN) back to EDJ and tried a sync again, doesn´t work.

When I delete all these dublicate tracks, the playlists “played tracks” are empty.

I have send you the database already

Can you send me your Engine database before and after the tracks are doubled? So I can compare the two and see what is wrong.

I need the database from the drive your tracks are on. So for internal drive tracks it’s this database file Music/Engine Library/Database2/m.db and if your tracks are on an external drive, then it’s Engine Library/Database2/m.db on that drive.

You can upload directly to me with this link:
Please put the link to this topic in the description so I know it belongs here :slight_smile:

They are doubled in LXN, not EDJ.
In EDJ everything is fine

Just to make it clear:
Before I updated LXN today to the newest version…
->All works in LXN, tracks are same as in EDJ (1592)
->I add 7 new songs to EDJ.
->I start LXN, update to the newest version.
->I sync from EDJ to LXN
->now I have nearly 900 doubled tracks in LXN (2581 total now)
->smart lists don´t work anymore
->the folder “played sets” shows all tracks without tags
->if I delete all duplicated tracks from the LXN main library, the “played sets” folders are empty

m database was send as well from EDJ, maybe it helps

Hi Christiaan,
any news or idea?

Looking into it this week :+1:

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Your duplicate tracks have these paths:
D:/PIONEER/new songs/9101108_1975_(Original Mix).mp3
E:/Engine Library/Music/Tensnake/Machines/9101108_1975_(Original Mix).mp3

Can you tell me about the D and E drive? What are those?

OK, so D:/ is my main EDJ library.
E:/ is my usb stick with the synced library to use on the player.

Means last and this time when I had this issue, my usb stick was connected to the pc.

I tried it just now without the stick and everything works perfect.

So the issue only happens with connected usb stick. Is it right LXN does that?

Anyway thanks for investigating and now I can sync and prepare my lists again :slight_smile:

How did you first create the Engine database on E? With Lexicon or with Engine DJ?

I think the problem happens when you import directly from the E drive, it will simply add those tracks (you get duplicates), because Lexicon doesn’t know those are the same from the ones already on the D drive.

If you sync and import directly to your USB from Lexicon, then you should be able to avoid this problem. This changed a bit since the Engine 3.0 update how this works exactly, so always good to keep the “Create backup” option enabled when importing.

The db was created via EDJ.

My workflow is:
Import new files to EDJ from D:
Adjust beatgrid, set cue points etc
Sync to LXN
Add tags and then the tracks automatically move in my smart lists
Sync back to EDJ
Sync to usb drive

So actually I don’t import from E:

Okay it’s odd that the E tracks were in Lexicon then. Engine should only use the original D tracks in its database. And your USB (E) will only use E tracks.

Yeah that’s what I thought.
Even I select just one playlist to sync to LXN, LXN get confused by that and does import 25xx files, or the smartlists stop working (depends on which playlist I sync)

Which Engine database did you upload earlier? Was that from drive D or E? Because it contained no tracks

Can you upload the other one too?

The one you asked me to upload. From music/ engine library

Okay, are you using this “Collection” in Engine (under Drives):

Or this one?

I think you’re using the one under Drives, so then Engine puts your tracks on that drive. It’s best to use the main collection because then it won’t copy files until you use the sync manager and Engine will use the original D:/ locations

This one. Nothing else. Isn´t that the main collection?

Yeah it is, that’s what I would use too.

I’ll do some testing and see if I can reproduce this problem with your steps and see if there is a way to prevent that :+1:

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