Unable to drag tracks into Lexicon or Play tracks

Please fill in this bug report template:

Lexicon version: 1.6.7
Operating system (remove one): Mac

Bug description:

When I drag a track into lexicon, nothing happens. When I tried to play a song I got Error code 126 when trying to play track

Step by step to reproduce:

  • Setup a brand new mac
  • Install Lexicon
  • Try to drag song into lexicon
  • Restore from back up and try to play song


I think you might be using the wrong Lexicon for Mac. Make sure you download the right one here: Download | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

Hi Christian,

That’s exactly where I downloaded from.

Here are a few things I have tried:

  • Restart my mac
  • Reinstall Lexicon

Do you have an Apple Silicon (M1/2) mac?

Yes. M1

I needed Rosetta. Installed Serato which installed Rosetta and it’s fine now. Maybe a documentation on installing Rosetta for M1/2 macs would be helpful

Yeah true, normally it should ask you to install it though. I’ll add this to the docs

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