Updated Lexicon and Imported Rekordbox library now my rekordbox library is missing almost 1000 tracks

I have no idea what happened. I opened Lexicon for the first time in months as I was organizing all of my new tracks 900+ songs. I synced to Rekordbox 6 and then all of a sudden my rekordbox library is mixxing all of my new tracks. What’s going on? I have a super important gig and now all of my music is gone.

Are the tracks still showing in Lexicon?

Are you on the latest version of Lexicon? What steps did you take to export? Did you export direct to the database or via xml? If direct to the database try an export to xml (Rekordbox 5 export) and use that method.

I don’t know how long ago you last used Lexicon but it may have been a beta version that was quite different.
There are Lexicon backups you can restore from in your Documents/Lexicon/Backups folder and for Rekordbox 6 there are backups too. You can find them here Lexicon with Rekordbox 6 write support and then look in the Lexicon folder.

@StuR is asking the right questions, we need to know more before we can give you useful answers as to what happened here.

If you’re restoring from a RB backup, you can import again from RB and make sure to leave the Merge option off. That will delete your Lexicon library and mirror what you have in RB.

So what I think happened is that due to the new functionality my old music database was still showing up in Lexicon and then I pressed sync thinking it would import all of my current tracks from Rekordbox but what happened instead is that it synced my old database from Lexicon into Rekordbox. Does that make sense?

I am using the latest version of Lexicon. I navigated to sync and it automatically synced to Rekordbox. I thought it would upload my current Rekordbox database but it instead synced my old Lexicon database to Rekordbox.

To import you need to make sure you click the grey ‘import’ button in the bottom left corner first, the default page is the sync to export page

Well i know that now but how do zi fix this situation where my last six months have been lost?

Unfortunatley I don’t see a way to restore the RB collection back to the state it was in before you synced the lexicon library to it unless you made a backup of your RB library before hand. The tracks shouldn’t have gone anywhere they just won’t be showing in your RB playlists.

Lexicon makes backups of your RB database before writing, so check out the rekordbox folder in the linked post I mentioned earlier. There are backups in the rekordbox/Lexicon folder.

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