Find tags feature: search genre tag from Spotify database

What is the feature or ability you would like to have?
When using “Use/Find tags & album art”, it doesn’t seem to fetch genre tags. Does Lexicon uses Musicbrainz database for this?
Why not using Spotify database instead? I find it quite accurate and you can get multiple genres as well. Check this app for an example Spotify Playlist Analyzer & Organizer | Find genres, moods and statistics.
Processing: $ BALKAN all tracks $.csv…

I also use to search genre tags.

How will this feature help you and others?
For large collections, it saves times by automating genre tagging, and you get more detailed about sub-genres. You could also fetch happyness, popularity, energy…

Then it’d be amazing to have a feature to import/convert those tags into Lexicon tags.

Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?
I don’t think so.

Does a workaround currently exist?
Well, inserting manually tags from analyzer into Lexicon tags…

PS: is it possible to import a csv playlist into Lexicon? (to get the genres)

Like the one we get from
NAMAI disco pool.csv (2.0 KB)


Spotify is not that easy with genres, for example when you look for a Foo Fighters track, it will give you these genres:

  'alternative metal',
  'alternative rock',
  'modern rock',
  'permanent wave',

Which one should it use there? Maybe rock but that’s pretty generic

And there are apparently 1383 genres on Spotify: Spotify Genres · GitHub

I think there are even more genre than that.

For me, mixing electro-swing/jazz/disco/funk/house/world… this is quite useful to have those genre nuances, I find them quite relevant.

Anyway, at least songs have genres :slight_smile: What system/database does Lexicon use at the moment? Because I tried to “find tags” on 5 songs and no one got found a genre :confused:

Regarding Foo Fighters: I could add all genres to Lexicon tags as sub-genres. That’s what I’d do with a song from my collection (perhaps choosing not to add them all). I could put “Rock” as main genre (ID3 tag) and subgenres with Lexicon genre tags (and/or hashtag system in the comments).

Also, that’s just super handful to automate genre tagging on a x-000 songs collection :slight_smile:
(my spotify collection is about 8000 songs)

It starts with the Beatport genre since if there is a match on Beatport, it is probably an accurate genre. So underground/EDM only for that.

Then it goes to Spotify but those genres are too broad and too many without a specific “main” genre that I could use.

I’m making a change now to use the Discogs genre after Beatport because Discogs has better genre results there. So just trying that and seeing if it gives better results now.

Try searching for genre again, should give better results now for non-EDM.
EDM always comes from Beatport first.

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I’m trying but I’ve got a servor error message ?

It happens only on specific songs (no genre found?).

It works on other songs. Genre is somehow accurate but way too broad for my style of music. And I think it’s too narrow to have only 1 genre. That’s why i like spotify subgenres, it’s way more fine.

Caravan Palace is clearly electro-swing and Chinese Man is not electronica (more hip-hop, trip-hop or swing-hop).

Yeah but I can’t really use the spotify genres when there’s too many. It needs to be one genre, or maybe two but if there are 4 genres, then that’s too many

This is exactly the reason why I was always hesitant to implement genre search at all, because there is no good source for them. Beatport is nice for some music, but the rest is very difficult.

Isn’t it possible then to add all genres found to Lexicon tags instead? (to genres category).

Then you could choose wich one you use as id3 genre tag.

Or there’re 2 different search: main genre with beatport/discogs AND another with Spotify but only for Lexicon tags (or to comments)? Would that option be difficult to implement?

Thank you

It’s based on one genre at the moment, you can send it to tags from the Genre Cleanup page.
Multiple genres would be messy and I don’t think it would increase the quality.

If there was a better source for genres, I would use it but I don’t know of a reliable one.

OK, well i’m getting confused about the purpose of Lexicon tags… to me it’s most useful to have multiple tags per category, that’s what a tagging system is made for i would say…

Regarding Spotify genres, I don’t understand why you think it’s not reliable, I think there’re really reliable and relevant… but perhaps it’s because Lexicon is more focused on electronic genres? (therefore the use of beatport)

Sure but I don’t think having 6 genres is that useful, especially if they’re not very reliable. For example, Foo Fighers was alternative metal, modern rock, permanent wave which I think is not really genre’s you’d want to see there. So you’d still have to clear that out after. I’d rather have a more generic genre from Discogs then.

The problem is simply the age old problem of there not being a very good source of genres so that’s not something I can fix either.

Lexicon uses Beatport because that is a relatively good source of genres. If there was a similar source for rock/pop/etc then I would use it but I don’t know of one.

Ok, perhaps then it could up to the user to select from a genres proposition…? We could get a screen with the found genres and be able to pick up the one we think it’s the more relevant. We could get searches from different sources, this way we could find reliable genres depending of our music style of music…

Anyway, is it possible to import a csv playlist into Lexicon? That could be a way to import genres.

Like the one we get from
NAMAI disco pool.csv (2.0 KB)

Thank you

I’m not looking to change how it works right now, so this is it currently.

Importing a CSV is not possible, but if you’re a developer then it is possible with the API: Developer Documentation | Lexicon - DJ Library Management

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All right thank you :+1: